hygge, pronounced "hoo-gah"

why hygge

The Danish practice of hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah", mostly closely translated to “coziness”) discovered me while I was transitioning out of a dark season of depression and anxiety. Hygge means so much to me because it continues to help me live in right place with my mental health.  

Depression and anxiety still live with me, but my lows are not as low, bad days come much less often, and I bounce back a little better. Practicing a lifestyle of hygge helps me to slow down, think, and embrace where I am right now. I am able to love myself better and resort more to self-compassion vs. self-criticism.

Hygge calls me to seek margin. I desire space—to pause, think, rest, to be present. It’s not always come easy for me, because distraction and avoidance are easy, familiar friends. I am a work in progress!

But prioritizing all this means I can show up better for the ones I love most dearly-- the men I share home with.  Because mama sets the mood, the temperature of the home.  I want my big and little men to know our home as a loving, safe place.  For home to be a word that always brings comfort, feelings of warmth and acceptance.  A place where we are all known for who we are and fully loved as perfectly, imperfect.

So launching the hygge gathering is not just a business but a passion.  A passion to share hygge together with more women.  Because it is in the gathering that the true power of hygge is released.  Hygge connects with my soul and encourages me to share this Danish way of life with others.  I thrive on it's principles and I believe others do as well.

What do I love about hygge? 

It’s so personal, yet so communal at heart.

hygge provides space to 

be known

to see the unseen

connect in meaningful ways through intimate, cosy gatherings

grow our circle 

esteem others in the highest

live a life of love and togetherness.

come, hygge together.

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